Grails Development

Grails is an Open Source, full stack, web application framework for the JVM. It takes advantage of the Groovy programming language and convention over configuration to provide a productive and stream-lined development experience.

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Cloud Services

CloudXtension services help you build your cloud strategy, develop your applications and successfully deploy business processes to the cloud.

Django Development

Django is a free and open source web application framework, written in Python, which follows the model–view–controller architectural pattern. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

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About us


We are a young Company with highly skilled team of IT experts. Our main aim is to deliver the best customer services in cost-effective manner. We use best practices for project management and architectures and implement solutions that are stable, maintainable and of high quality.

NexThoughts was established in July 2013 and situated in Delhi, India and comprises highly skilled software development team. Our company's main focus is to develop and maintain web based business solutions from small to large companies.

We follow agile practises and leverage the power of Java, Groovy, Grails, Python for web application development. We work closely with our customers and engage them in development process in order to increase the business value of product developed.


As a very young startup we are often faced with incomplete specifications and very quickly changing requirements. Vishal was brought on board during this phase and managed to be up and running very quickly. He survived our contradictions by asking the right questions at the right time.

Stéphane Rainville,   CTO & Growth Hacker - Snoobe
Vishal and his team are a diligent, intelligent and enthusiastic development team, and are a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Skeen,  Co-Founder - CartHopper